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Technical mountaineering crampons

Re-designed to improve durability, the SARKEN is better than ever. This is the crampon for anybody headed out into variable, mixed terrain. The 4x4 of crampons. The “T”-shaped front points are designed for excellent penetration in hard ice and stable front pointing on mixed terrain while providing solid purchase in snow and neve.

  • Updated heat treatment process to increase strength and durability
  • Structural re-enforcements on both front sides of the crampon further increase durability
  • The length of the points is designed for maximum stability without having to high-step
  • Sharp points for great purchase in ice
  • Two wide, toothed front points for excellent placements and optimum purchase in soft ice
  • Two points angled forward to reinforce purchase and give support when front-pointing
  • Third row of points to optimize bite on hard snow slopes
  • Four teeth for stability when descending while facing downhill
  • Lateral points for purchase while traversing
  • Linking bar can be set for flexible or semi-rigid modes to adapt the crampon to flexible or rigid boots
  • «SARKEN V2» stamped on crampon frame for quick identification


Number of points : 12
Boot sizes : sizes 36 to 46 with M linking bar (included), optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 41 to 50 (T20850)
Certification(s) : CE EN 893, UIAA

- Reference : T10LL 22
Weight : 2 x 505 g = 1010 (with ANTISNOW) g
Multi-mount system : LEVERLOCK
- Reference : T10LLF 22
Weight : 2 x 484 g = 968 (with ANTISNOW) g
Multi-mount system : LEVERLOCK FIL
- Reference : T10SPL 22
Weight : 2 x 480 g = 960 (with ANTISNOW) g
Multi-mount system : SPIRLOCK
Made in : FR
Guarantee : 3 years