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OS by Petzl

Software for customizing lighting performance

The OS by Petzl software is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the user to customize headlamp performance in order to respond to his lighting needs: configuration of the NAO headlamp's lighting according to the activity and configuration of the CORE rechargeable battery for TIKKA 2 - ZIPKA 2 headlamps.

Please, fill out this form to download OS by Petzl (version 3.1.174).

In case of a problem during use, please contact os@petzl.fr and provide your software version, your operating system and the model of your headlamp.

    NAO users: Once the software is downloaded, follow these steps carefully to benefit from a complete update of your headlamp:
    1 - Open the battery case and plug in the battery connector.
    2 - Connect the battery case to the headlamp.
    3 - Connect the battery case to your computer with the USB cord that comes with the headlamp.



  • Choose your activity profiles
    - Customize NAO headlamp performance according to the activity
    - Save up to four activity profiles, whether pre-configured by Petzl or entirely customized, and have them ready to activate directly on the headlamp when needed
    - Many activity profiles have been pre-configured by Petzl and are available on OS by Petzl. Lighting performance is pre-configured (self-adjusting lighting mode and constant lighting mode) to better adapt to the lighting needs of the user
    - Multi-activities, Trail running, Hiking, bivouac, Mountaineering.
  • Configure your activity profiles
    - For specific needs, you can completely configure lighting performance for the NAO with OS by Petzl - light output, battery life, lighting distance, low power in self-adapting mode, distance of the focused beam - in order to improve performance for fast-paced activities (trail running, mountain biking, etc.)
    - Create personal activity profiles by modifying existing profiles, or by creating entirely new ones
    - Create up to five lighting levels per mode (self-adjusting and constant)
    - Share activity profiles



  • The software configures the CORE rechargeable battery, which is compatible with all TIKKA 2 - ZIPKA 2 headlamps.
  • Choose constant lighting (lighting is kept at a constant intensity for a certain period of time corresponding to the battery life associated with the headlamp), or declining lighting (once the headlamp is on, light output decreases gradually; this progressive decline allows a much longer battery life)
  • Adjust lighting power and battery life in maximum and economic modes
  • TEST mode allows the user to adjust intensity and duration while the headlamp is on in order to control the emitted light and to verify that it corresponds to the need
  • Once the ideal intensity-duration combination is chosen, it can be saved in a profile. Different profiles can be configured, and moving between them to adapt to the activity is quick (for example, trail running, mountain climbing, reading, etc.)
  • Several CORE rechargeable batteries can be connected to the computer and configured simultaneously

  • Available in five languages:
    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Spanish
    - Italian
  • Compatible with the following operating systems:
    - Windows XP
    - Windows Vista
    - Windows 7
    - Windows 8
    - Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    - Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
    - Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Automatically install future updates