DUOBELT LED 5 Locking on/off switch Waterproof down to -5 meters


Hybrid waterproof headlamp: halogen and 5 LEDs and remote rechargeable battery pack

The DUOBELT LED 5 headlamp has a remote battery pack. This feature reduces the weight carried on the head and improves comfort. The front of the headlamp has two light sources: LEDs for proximity lighting to ensure ample battery life, and a halogen bulb for distance lighting. The light body can be easily directed with one hand.

  • Rugged headlamp:
    - durable construction
    - waterproof down to -5 meters
    - worn under clothing, the remote battery pack protects the batteries from the cold,
    helping to conserve their energy
  • Long burn time:
    - uses large capacity batteries (C/LR14)
  • Weight worn on the head is reduced to 140 g:
    - remote battery pack can be attached to belt or carried in a pack
  • Two light sources to choose from depending on the activity:
    - halogen light for long-range, focused lighting with regulated zoom
    - five LEDs for flood beam lighting with a long burn time
  • Comfortable and easy to use:
    - adjustable and comfortable elastic headband
    - on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation
    - light body can be tilted
  • Space for spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp


Reference : E73 P
Made in: FR
Guarantee : 3 years
Color: gray/yellow, black band with gray pattern
Weight : 550 g
Weight worn on head : 140 g
Beam pattern : wide or focused
Max. light quantity : 40 lumens
Max. lighting distance : 100 m
Max. battery life : 350 h
Number of batteries : 4
Battery type (included) : C/LR14
Watertightness : IP X8 (waterproof down to -5 meters)
Spare halogen bulb included
Certification(s) : CE