New climbing and mountaineering harnesses

The series of mountaineering and climbing harnesses has evolved for even greater performance and comfort. With their EndoFrame construction, these harnesses are designed and manufactured to guarantee excellent comfort under any conditions.


Nouvelle gamme de harnais 2013: SAMA, ADJAMA, SELENA, LUNA


pictoPerformance and comfort

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With their EndoFrame construction, Petzl harnesses guarantee optimal weight distribution. The waistbelt is wider on the sides. The interior straps are doubled in the waistbelt and the leg loops. The seams in the waistbelt avoid creating hard points and chafing.


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The new DoubleBack Light buckles are easier to manipulate. They allow the harness to be more easily adjusted with one hand (on the waistbelt and leg loops of select models).

The rigid equipment loops at the front of the harness allow easy and quick access to equipment. The flexible equipment loops, positioned in the rear, avoid the pressure points created when wearing a pack.

Each harness has a specific retainer for removable CARITOOL tool holders.


Daila Ojeda climbing with a SELENA



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Photos: © Kalice et Petzl / Lafouche