Chris Sharma, Face de rats 8a+, Céüse, France - © Lafouche Chris Sharma, Face de rats 8a+, Céüse, France - © Lafouche


When you pick up a Petzl carabiner, you can feel the high level of quality and fine craftsmanship that goes into each one… refined design, smooth gate action and a polished finish. Even after years of hard use, they still operate as smoothly as they did on their first day.

All of our carabiners are made from 7000-series aluminum. This alloy offers the best balance between breaking strength, weight and durability. Each carabiner is individually strength tested to ensure the highest quality. The color anodization process on most of our carabiners improves corrosion resistance and durability.

All Petzl carabiners use the Keylock system. With no notch to snag slings, gear, etc., clipping and unclipping is effortless.

Our carabiners come in many shapes, sizes and locking systems. This range allows you to get the model that best fits your needs, whether it’s a multi-purpose non-locking carabiner like the SPIRIT or something more specialized, like the FREINO or OMNI.