Coming soon: Sport Climbing, a how-to book by Andrew Bisharat

Andrew Bisharat is the senior editor of Rock & Ice and is quite (in)famous for his rants on the magazine's Tuesday Night Bouldering column. Besides being crafty with words, he's also crafty with kneebars, toe scums and rodeo clipping.
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Petzl Foundation to Sponsor Access Pan America Conservation Initiative

Petzl is announcing a partnership with
Access Pan America through a grant from the Petzl Foundation. Access Pan America is a newly established organization dedicated to protecting climbing access across the Americas.
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Hueco and Hollywood: Worlds Apart?

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Pete Takeda I spent three weeks bouldering in Hueco Tanks over the holidays. Hueco needs neither introduction nor explanation. It’s regarded by those in-the-know as the best place to boulder in the States once the snow falls. It's got this spiritual vibe too, one that the Native Americans and today's climbers seemed to have tapped into. My visit was like spending time with an old friend. I'd spent my time there in the pre-crashpad days.
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