Petzl ULTRAfest - Snowbird afterhours

In late January, Petzl organized a special outing to demonstrate the power of the
ULTRA headlamps, and how they can turn the night into day, opening up a whole new realm of pre-dawn and post-dusk possibilities.
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Get Ready! Red Rock Rendezvous 2010 is almost here!

Once again, it's almost that time of the year...March for many of us means Red Rock Rendezvous!
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A recap of the 2010 Ouray Ice Festival, by competitor and instructor Caroline George

Five years ago, I got on a plane from Switzerland to come and compete in the world class
Ouray Ice Festival. Little did I know how much this event would change my life. Upon arriving here, I drove to Telluride to climb the classic Ames Ice Hose, a striking WI5 three pitch line. While rappelling the route, I mistakingly dropped my ice axes, which almost took out the leader of the party below. I apologized, he forgave me and six months later, we were married.
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Waypoint Namibia - Majka Burhardt's climbing journey in southern Africa

Waypoint Namibia - Majka Burhardt's climbing journey in southern Africa

Writer, climber and guide
Majka Burhardt has a penchant for combining adventure climbing and travel to exotic destinations. She does this with a heart-felt emphasis on gaining an greater understanding of the places she visits and the people inhabiting them.
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