Jon Cardwell's annual Catalonian climbing pilgrimage

(Editor's note: While Jon's post is about climbing in Spain, most of the photos are of climbing during the previous French-leg of his trip. We look forward to future updates from this strong and inspiring Yankee abroad.)

Early Season Ice, by Majka Burhardt

Majka is currently on her way to Ethiopia to work on her latest book project, but she prepared this post about getting ready for ice season. And to get you all psyched for the frozen medium, check out this video by Chris Alstrin, featuring Majka and Audrey Gariepy, both Petzl athletes.

Joe Kinder living in up in Europe

Text & photos by Joe Kinder


Rockin' out in Las Vegas: Passing the AMGA Rock exam, by Caroline George

Photos & Text by Caroline George

Part II: Rock Exam in Red Rocks, Nevada

Dreams of Verdon (from a hospital bed), by Sonnie Trotter

Glacier blue limestone surrounds me, laced with long pink streaks (the color of wild salmon), the whole wall looking like melting candle wax. Python tuffas in every direction. A flock of birds glide overhead, their chirping echos off the walls soothes my nerves. Standing on two slippery slopers I reach up and drop two fingers into the most comfortable pocket on earth, as if it was molded from my very own hand. My chest vibrates with adrenaline, a controlled release, I look down to place my foot and a beam of sun catches my eye, a reflection bouncing off the bolt hanger 20 feet below.

Emily Harrington DWS in Mallorca, Chris Sharma wins an Oscar

The temps on the resort island of Mallorca are starting to cool down and climbers are getting their deep water solo on. A strong team has just arrived, including Petzl athlete Emily Harrington. Check out this video by Cedar Wright and Tim Kemple of Emily getting a taste of Mediterranean stone (and water).

James Litz sending at Ten Sleep: a report by Alli Rainey

James walks through the doorway to the upstairs hangout area of my house dragging his sleeping bag after a day of climbing in Ten Sleep Canyon, ready to watch a movie with the rest of the crew. I look up from the couch with a lazy yawn, tired out from the day’s endeavors, to see his eyes light on the hangboard above the doorway. He drops the bag, grabs the second crimper up, and starts to do a one-arm.

“No, no,” I scold. “Do it on the really small crimp.”

Vertical Homesteading

By Majka Burhardt

Quick test: What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say the following four places: New Hampshire, Namibia. Spain. Wyoming.

Coming soon: Sport Climbing, a how-to book by Andrew Bisharat

Andrew Bisharat is the senior editor of Rock & Ice and is quite (in)famous for his rants on the magazine's Tuesday Night Bouldering column. Besides being crafty with words, he's also crafty with kneebars, toe scums and rodeo clipping.

Rebecca Rusch wins the Leadville 100