Travels with Chris Lindner: A Spring in the Life...

I started March off around Gunnison with some cliff bolting, ice climbing, cross-country skiing in the backcountry, and snowboarding in Crested Butte, followed by a short trip to Bishop.

Gunny 1
Bouldering in Gunnison. Photo courtesy of

Petzl releases All Access DVD:all proceeds benefit the Access Fund

 All Access Front Cover

Jon Cardwell in Spain

Normally, when the cold weather arrives, I feel as if I'm one of the little geckos that sometime peek their heads out of the pockets in Margalef, taking refuge from the harsh climate. I grew up in the desert so naturally I seek out the sun. I either make plans to travel to a warmer area or head for the boulders. This year was different and thankfully with a group that's always psyched it was easy to stay motivated through the coldest months.

Video - Red Rock Rendezvous 2010

Rock to Ice, Part 2: Kevin Wilkinson tests the ice & quickly sends M12

words by Alli Rainey
photos by Crista-Lee Mitchell

Back in Canada for the winter with nowhere to sport climb or boulder in sight, Petzl athlete Kevin Wilkinson decided on a whim to try his hand at mixed climbing when some friends invited him to go along.

Rock to Ice, Part 1: Emily Harrington finds new inspiration in ice climbing

by Emily Harrington

Ice climbing ?!

I began ice climbing and mixed climbing this past December because I wanted to prove something. No matter how lame that sounds, I wanted to try something new and prove that I could be more than a sport/competition climber.

“You’re gonna hate it.”

“Ice climbing? Seriously? Isn’t that too cold for you?”

“Whoa Emily.”

Wallpapers: rock climbing, big wall, ice climbing and canyoning

Big wall in Namibia
The expedition team came back from Namibia with a film, Waypoint Namibia.

Ice and mixed climbing, Scotland : Happy Hour

Ueli Steck sends The Secret - Ben Nevis, Scotland - Photo T. Lamiche.

Petzl ULTRAfest - Snowbird afterhours

In late January, Petzl organized a special outing to demonstrate the power of the ULTRA headlamps, and how they can turn the night into day, opening up a whole new realm of pre-dawn and post-dusk possibilities.

Get Ready! Red Rock Rendezvous 2010 is almost here!

Once again, it's almost that time of the year...March for many of us means Red Rock Rendezvous!