Sasha DiGiulian joins the Petzl Athlete Team, pushes standards

Sasha DiGiulien at the Red River Gorge. Photo: © Magnus MidtbøA welcome addition to the Petzl Athlete Team, 18-year-old Sasha DiGiulian has spent the first months of 2011 re-adjusting difficulty standards for women’s sport climbing. Hailing from Alexandria, VA, Sasha picked up climbing 11 years ago, after her brother’s birthday party, when she was just 7 years old.

Garrett Smith: A Purposeful Life

Petzl is very saddened to announce the passing of our good friend and colleague, Garrett Smith, who died as a result of injuries sustained in an avalanche in the Utah backcountry on Saturday, March 26th. Garrett worked at Petzl America as a Senior Customer Sales and Support representative, specializing in the Professional and International markets. He was a part of all of our lives and he always brought plentiful and positive energy to the office with him. Petzl has already received condolnces from many of the customers he worked with on a regular basis.

Warning regarding the presence of counterfeit versions of Petzl products - Update

02/16/2011 - More information on counterfeit Petzl products


Emily Harrington - Mixed Emotions at the Ouray Mixed Comp

The 16th annual Ouray Ice Festival took place this past weekend. I attended this year, on behalf of Petzl and The North Face, to give a slideshow and compete in the mixed-climbing competition. The Ouray mixed competition is a prestigious invite-only event that draws some of the nation's best mixed/ice climbers. It was my first competition of this sort, and I was anxious and excited to see how I would fare.

127 HOURS Follow Up - Thanks for All the TIKKAs

In January, 2010, the makers of the film 127 HOURS approached Petzl with a request. They wanted help tracking down the exact model and color of TIKKA headlamp that Aron Ralston wore during his ordeal in the Utah desert, around which the film is based. The props department used photos Ralston took of himself while trapped, his arm pinned between a boulder and the wall of a slot canyon, to identify the three-LED TIKKA and other objects Ralston had with him at that time. (It's not a spoiler to say that Ralston eventually amputated his own arm in order to escape.)

New Guidebook of Kalymnos : 2010 edition

The 5th edition of the guidebook for Kalymnos is now available. Written by Aris Theodoropoulos, the new version totally updates the latest developments of rock climbing on the magic island of Kalymnos.

Kalymnos guidebookChris Sharma repoints Jaws 8c in Sikati cave

Happy Thanksgiving from Petzl!

Giving thanks to friends, family, customers, and coworkers.
May your Thanksgiving holiday be safe and full of food!

 Gobble gobble
Turkey photo by Steve Voght.


Beth Rodden's Long Road to Recovery, Part 4

It’s been a few months since my last post and I’ve been running into people at the crags and boulders who’ve been asking for updates. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people who have themselves suffered labral tears. It seems this type of injury has grown more common among climbers lately, so I asked my physio about it -- she suggested it could just be that doctors are now better able to accurately diagnose such injuries.

Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010 - Dia de los Muertos in Jilotepec

After spending two days climbing in the gigantic stalactite-filled El Chonta cave, the Petzl team took a rest day. They headed to downtown Taxco, navigating narrow, steep, and winding cobblestone roads in vans and busses. Starting at Taxco’s famous Santa Priscilla cathedral, with ornate stone and wood carvings, they toured the streets, full of vintage Volkswagen Beetles. The colonial town, a series of box-like buildings stacked on the the side of a valley and watched over by a stone statue of Jesus, is famous for its silver trade, attracting tourist from around the world.

Alli Rainey's Ten Sleep Summer Report

...Or: 10 Reasons to Visit Ten Sleep Next Season

Positive energy was the name of the game in Wyoming's Ten Sleep Canyon this summer. With more traffic than ever before, it might have turned out differently, but somehow it seemed as though nearly every climber who came here this summer got caught up in the buoyant wave of exactly what rock climbing should be about: having fun, no matter how “seriously” you take it.