Petzl RocTrip Argentina: Results of photo contests

To celebrate the ten years of Petzl RocTrips, Petzl invited climbers from many countries to have a chance to participate to this year's edition.
Photo contests to win a ticket to the Petzl RocTrip Argentina happened in nine countries with local media partners.

Congratulations, Thanks to all the participants, hundreds of great quality photos were posted and the judges had a hard time determining the winners. We are looking forward hosting the winners during the RocTrip at Piedra Parada, Chubut, Argentina from November 22-25 2012.

Official results and photos:

France: Etienne Seppecher

contest hosted on Grimper 

Austria: Kristin Lasser

Contest hosted by Climax

Hungary: Domonkos Dummel

Contest hosted by Granit

Benelux: Nicolas Andry

contest hosted by Alpitec and Belclimb, Entre ciel et terre, Terres neuves, Face nord, Stone Age, Klimzaalhungaria, Roc Evasion, Klimax

Venezuela: Gabriela Folgar

Contest hosted by  Uaikinima and Escaladamutante

UK: Tom Ireson

Contest hosted by Lyon Equipment, UKC, Climb

Finland: Samuli Homanen

Contest hosted by Vandernet and Relaa

Sweden: Martin Argus

contest hosted by C2 Safety and Outside Sweden

Chili: Andrea Caceres

contest hosted by Out and Escalando



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