Petzl Athlete News Round-up - Feb. 2012

As usual, the Petzl Athlete Team has been making quite a few headlines lately. Below is a brief round-up. Of course, there is much more news from all of our athletes, but these are just some of the recent highlights. Stay tuned for more...

Daniel Woods climbing at RocTrip Mexico. Photo: © John Evans / Petzl
Daniel Woods, pictured here, has had a busy year so far! Photo: © John Evans / Petzl.

Daniel Woods

  • In early February, Woods won the Dark Horse Bouldering Championships at MetroRock, in Everett, Massachusetts
  • A week and a half later, he won The North Face Bouldering Cup in Iruma Saitama, Japan
  • Less than two weeks after that, he won the ABS Nationals, in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Most recently, he took first at the Hueco Rock Rodeo (the first-place trophy was an engraved Petzl GRIGRI 2)
  • To top it all off, he made the fist ascent of a new proposed V15 in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, called Paint It Black:


Video of Woods on Paint It Black


Video of Woods sending six problems for a total of 75 V-scale points (an average of V12+ per problem) at the Hueco Rock Rodeo. 


Dave Graham

  • Graham also competed in the Hueco Rock Rodeo and took fourth place
  • While in Hueco, he added a new proposed V14 called Neon Desert
  • A few months earlier, Graham put up a new problem in Rocky Mountain National Park called Memory Is Parallax:


Jorg Verhoeven

Hailing from the Netherlands, Verhoeven has been on an extend climbing trip in the U.S. He took second place at the Hueco Rock Rodeo and also repeated a bunch double-digit problems in the area. Below, a video from the trip. More videos available on his blog:


Daila Ojeda

Ojeda redpointed Mind Control (5.14c) in Siurana, Spain. Her blog on that ascent here.

Joe Kinder

Also redpointed Mind Control. In addition, he's been working hard in Spain, hanging out with Ojeda and Chris Sharma and bolting new projects. He posts lots of photos, news, and more at his blog:

Nina Caprez

Third time is a charm. Caprez also redpointed Mind Control and blogged about it. Here's a video of her send: 

Michaël Fuselier 

The French sport climber extraoirdinaire toured the granite eggs of Bishop, California, with a small crew, making short work of many of the classic problems.

Sasha DiGiulian

Along with a lot of other Petzl athletes, DiGiulian is in Spain right now, looking to take her climbing to the next level. So far, she's ticked a 5.14 called Kalea Borraka, in Siurana. Follow her travels and climbs at

Other Petzl ahtletes

Woods wasn't the only one to have a good day at ABS Nationals -- Ethan Pringle took second place, Jon Cardwell fifth, and Sasha DiGiulian sixth amongst the women.



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