Are we snowboarding??

I was snowboarding with some friends at Brighton in Utah. It must have been the first run of the night because that's all I remember? I remember thinking I'm going to go off this job and four hours later I wake up in the emergency room. My roommate told me I called him from the top of the mountain asking him if we were snowboarding? I told him I hit my head and I was messed up, but I could make it down the mountain. He waited for me 10 minutes later I called again we had the exact same conversation, then 10 minutes after that I called him again we had the same conversation again. That's when he realized I was really messed up. After a $2000 ambulance ride down the canyon to the emergency room I woke up and tried to check myself out of the hospital. The doctor insisted on asking me some questions, apparently I got every question right except the last one. He said who is the president of the United States? I replied George Bush. Needless to say they made me take a CAT scan to make sure nothing was on my print. Helmet saved the day


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