solo toproping

I've been solo top roping for years using numerous techniques. Until recently my preferred technique was using two Mini-Traxions on a single rope, and DMM Belay Master carabiners (Petzl harness). I attach one Mini to my belay loop, the other to a half-runner girth-hitched to the tie-in points of the harness. Super quick and easy, redundant. Of course there is only one rope, I'm SUPER cautious about any kind of edges. Just got the Micro-Traxions and am using them the same way; they have an advantage that the Mini-Traxions sort of "stick" to the rope after a fall; if trying something really hard, it can be tough to get started again. No problem that way with the Micros. I've also used a different technique on REALLY hard climbs where I make a chest harness out of a double runner, which attaches through the hole in the upper Mini. No slack at all with this setup. Anyway, my question is, what happens with my setup if the upper device fails, slides down the rope, and then collides with the secondary device? I've always assumed this will hold, but now I wonder... Thanks so much! This page of info is amazing...


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