Jon Cardwell's iPhone Photo Tour of RocTrip China

China is an extremely contrasting place, especially when compared to the comforts of western society. Most of us are used to these comforts, but often seek adventure in displacing ourselves from them.

I was excited to hear that the Petzl Roctrip was to be held in a remote valley in southern China. An adventurer myself, in some regards, I was eager to travel somewhere like this. The Getu valley is a special place and I can only imagine what Erwan and the Petzl team experienced the first time they drove down the road to the great arch, Chuanshang.

I thought it would be interesting to capture my impressions of the event through a small camera on my phone. I’m a mediocre photographer at best, but I do try to focus on capturing certain aspects of moments and places that I find particularly interesting. The Petzl RocTrip is an extraordinary event that provides a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved. It was important for me to document my time spent in China, even if it was only one photo a day.

Once I returned from China I browsed through my photos to show some friends. It was a rare album as it seemed to tell a story, one of vast contrast and subtle comfort, something I feel is hard to find. I hope you enjoy the photos and decipher a story of your own.







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