New video about the durable XION 10.1


The XION is Petzl's newest and most durable all-around dynamic climbing rope. It's ideal for a wide range of uses, from gym climbing to top-roping, sport climbing, trad cragging, and even big wall climbs.

During the development process, Petzl focused on durability first, but also looked at the factors that make a rope supple and easy to handle, such as sheath texture and tightness of the sheath weave. To achieve the desired blend of features, Petzl selected special high-abrasion sheath fibers and increased the sheath-by-weight ratio up to 42%. A 40-strand sheath weave was selected and the tightness of the sheath on the core was dialed in for maximum resiliance and excpetionally smooth handling, with just the right amount of texture for a sure grip during belaying and lowering. The end result is a burly cord that will stand up to pitch after pitch of abuse while still maintaining its shape and a supple feel.

 XION video presentation

Petzl rope project manager Pierre Plaze and rope project coordinator Rick Vance talk about the development and the features of the XION 10.1mm rope.



 For more on the XION rope, visit the product page.







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