VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010

Never before has a Petzl RocTrip mixed together so much climbing and local culture in one simmering pot. We spiced it up with a few special ingredients: passion, fun, and shared experiences. The Petzl RocTrip 2010 in Mexico welcomed people from all corners of the world to the unique climbing destinations of El Chonta et Las Peñas de Jilotepec, with a stop at the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacán.

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A few words from Alejandro Rivera, of Alta Vertical
and organizer of this year's RocTrip :

Dave Graham - Photo John Evans
"El Chonta is cave near the town of Taxco, an old colonial town built on hills covered by thick vegetation with underground rivers and caves. One of these caves captured our attention: overhanging 50m-long routes in the middle of the jungle. There are even multi-pitch routes that navigate through human-sized stalactites and other crazy formations.
Jilotepec is a completely different climbing area. Here, it's cold and instead of big holds and stalactites, climbers crimp and pinch on the conglomerate knobs of the Godzilla's Egg formation.
It was a great opportunity to see some major first ascents such as  "Initiativa Mexico" (8a/8a+), "El Mexican" (8c) and "El Pendulo" (8b+) in El Chonta, in addition to the two Ultimate Routes, "Las Chicas Sùperpoderosas" (8c+) and "Cruz Diablo" (8c+) at Jilotepec.
There were numerous presentations by athletes (Dave Graham, Nina Caprez, Liv Sansoz, Joe Kinder), slideshows, and traditional pre-Hispanic dance shows. We were even offered a special gift from the local Jilotepec population: sugar candy skulls (a Mexican tradition for the  "Día de los Muertos," November 2). Each one had the name of the Petzl Team climbers written on them. Mexicans believe that death is a friend and not a terrifying end.

At any rate, it's impossible to describe everything that happened with words, photos and videos - so you'll just have to plan a visit to Mexico to see for yourself!"

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VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010 - Las Chicas Superpoderosas!

On Saturday, November 7, Petzl athletes again made their mark on the Mexican climbing scene, adding a second 5.14 first ascent to the amazing El Huevo crag at Jilotepec (...)

Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010 - Climbing Godzilla's Egg !

Friday, November 5. The sport action at Petzl RocTrop 2010 is heating up just as the trip nears its end. The Petzl team and hundreds of RocTrip participants from around the world have been throwing themselves (...)

Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010 - "Dia de los Muertos" in Jilotepec

After spending two days climbing in the gigantic stalactite-filled El Chonta cave, the Petzl team took a rest day. They headed to downtown Taxco, navigating narrow, steep, and winding cobblestone roads in vans and busses. (...)

VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip Mexique 2010 - El Chonta rodeo

The hillside town of Taxco, Mexico, is famous for its silver...and now for its climbing. Photo: © Petzl Justin Roth October 31, 2010: The climbing at Petzl RocTrip Mexico is in full swing, with nearly 50 Petzl athletes from around the world  (...)


Mexican people
Photo John Evans





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