I'm just worried now that

I'm just worried now that with Chinese counterfeits, the prices of Petzl gears might go up since they would have to put money into finding ways to make counterfeiting more difficult. Petzl is already more pricey than BDel. But then, BDel makes their stuff in China while Petzl doesn't for most of their products. I had really bad experiences and life threatening accidents with BDel products; never with Petzl. As long as there aren't any counterfeits reaching the stores I buy my Petzl gear from (all authorized Petzl dealers), I'm going to always rely on Petzl equipment for my climbing hobby. It is good to know that I need to be aware of counterfeit Petzl gear. So sad that some Chinese manufacturer decided to counterfeit climbing gear. This is a strong indication that climbing is becoming mainstream enough for the Chinese to start counterfeiting climbing equipment, because there is profit to make!


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