Get me the load wieghts please.

I am thinking that Petzl should post their findings. I mean if you found that ORIGINAL Petzl stuff fails at 7k/n and that the fake fails at 3 k/n then we should know. Then I would ask is it safe to load a ORIGINAL Petzl at the fake load. That way those that want to test our stuff can. Oh and here are a few thoughts for stuff that won't work. a: Unique ID numbers can never be unique, they can be copied. Even if you run a GUID and verify it online. If I buy the fake and you buy the original. I verify it on-line before you does that make mine original or yours. Just because you make it harder to do something does not mean that it won't someone wont knock it off. Money dictates what level of detail someone will go through to make knock offs. b: Holographic stickers with a serial number/date/place of production can't guarantee work if someone wants to hack/crack the number algorithm that Petzl uses. c: Unique paint is also not Unique. With the color identifying software that anyone can get a hold of it is very easy to duplicate paint. d: Just because you buy it on ebay does not make it fake.


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