To the boneheads who blame

To the boneheads who blame this on Petzl. 1) You don't have to make stuff in China or even have a presence in China to have your brand & products counterfitted. 2) Having a component or product made in China or anywhere else is not necessarily bad. What matters is a brands R&D, QC, knowledge, experience, ethos, ethics, attention to detail, supervision of subcontractors, & certification of both the products & the processes. If you reject products simply because of origin you are a stupid or a racist. 3) None of you know seem to know what Petzl do or don't make in China. I don't know & I don't care. As long as Petzl make it that's good enough for me. 4) You are probably the same boneheads who bought the highly dodgy uncertified & sometimes even unbranded Eastern European stuff 15 years ago, & who even now buy crappy hardware-store shackels & biners for fixed anchors & express surprise when they bend under body weight. 5) You are probably the same hypocritical boneheads who sneer & snarl about being ripped off by businesses who operate in higher cost markets or haven't joined the race to the bottom & therefore ask for a reasonable price. The real tragedy is that that because you are a boneheads you will probably survive accidents caused by your own stupidity long enough to spawn & further dilute the intelegence of the human race. And no, I don't work for Petzl.


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