Tip of the Iceberg!

Kudos to Petzl for highlighting this issue. Don't be surprised if *none* of these Petzl products are made in China. Counterfeiting follows whichever products are popular for *any* given market, *regardless* of whether they are made locally OR overseas. i.e. Petzl doesn't have to be making products in China for counterfeits to appear. As to where these sub-par products are being sold, a starting point might be: www.taobao.com Basically it's the Chinese equivalent of ebay (apart from shonky climbing gear, its actually a great website - especially for expat's living China..., like me) Knock-offs galore, also, a large proportion of the products are obviously *off the back of the truck* - or more to be more specific - *out the back of the factory* Re: BD, I understand that BD's factories in Zhuhai are *very tightly controlled* by BD itself - as opposed to signing contracts with random factories, that then might use the same/similar dies & tools to produce sub-standard *parallel* products. Up till now, my impression of the situation has been that, foreign companies have been tolerating counterfeits, as long as they stayed in China (anyone who has visited China will testify to the bountiful pirate DVD & clothing markets). Obviously, this is situation that couldn't last forever. Petzl should be commended for being (apparently) the first outdoor company to draw attention to this trend. Want to avoid this problem? Petzl says it above: "Only purchase from an authorized Petzl retailer..." Also the general rule: "if you find a deal too good too be true, it probably is" applies as well... I believe, in the coming decade, this will be the defining issue for the outdoor adventure products industry, especially as many companies have their sights set on expanding into the Chinese market. sam


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