Road to recovery

Beth, I, too, am recovering from several injuries. A year ago, I had a motorcycle accident and tore the ligaments in my right thumb. I had to go under the knife, and the surgeon screwed the ligament back to the bone with a permanent screw. I couldn't hold a pencil, let alone thinking of pinching anything. To top it of, as a result of the surgery, my thumb has a slight inward rotation, and so holding things was a bit awkward. Being used to high activity levels in the outdoors, yet unable to climb, I started to ski more and more. I thought to myself "at least I'm still enjoying the mountains." But favoring one imb over the other is not conducive to avoiding injury when falling. I fell, and because I was trying to protect the injured hand, I fell badly and sprained my achromio-clevicle. To make a long story short, I kept compounding injuries because of my refusal to accept my body was in a fragile state. However, going through my physical exercises daily, warming up thoroughly before attempting top performance, stretching and cooling off enabled me to come back as strong as ever. Keeping my head up, listening to my body and taking my time really gave me a second chance at my passion - climbing. I'm sure it'll work for you - there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Well wishes for a timely (!) recovery, Leo.


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