Surgery Memories and Climbing

Dear Beth---Pendulum fall on ice tool both hands in leashes in Colorado winter 2007 torn rotator cuff two surgeries later frozen shoulder i won't give up! Physical therapy useless to break up scar tissue I look for other solutions i won't give up. Unable to even brush my teeth. Another surgery to clean out scar tissue and free the joint again is successful---i am in PT hours after surgery keep the joint moving to prevent scar tissue forming. hopeful. 6 months later i am climbing 5.5, carefully. very carefully. yes! i am getting stronger 8 months later i am gingerly climbing 5.9, maybe 5.10. Now, i totally relate to you comment in the Oct Climbing mag that you are a lifer---no matter the grade. that's me too. you are my hero, and i really hope your shoulder heals stronger than it was before.


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