In the cabin, on deck or up the rig – an indispensable tool

Personal lights are required gear for all crew aboard Ocean Watch. The Petzl lights are more than just handy; they are reliable and essential for safe and efficient night work. Anytime, anywhere you need more light, hands down and hands free, Petzl is our choice. . The red lens is perfect for working at the computer or fixing a late night snack in the galley without disturbing others. The white light is powerful enough from the deck to light up our 1,400 sq ft mainsail or to check instruments at the mast head – 80 feet up, on the darkest of nights. The directional mount makes focusing the beam on close work easy to do. The intensity choices plus the red lens, quick to find button switch and easily adjusted headband make the Petzl light the most helpful tool on the boat. From the Arctic to Cape Horn, in the cabin or on deck, it’s the first thing we put on at night, the last thing we take off in the morning. It’s great having the intensity choices plus the red lens. The button switch and easily adjustable headband make the Petzl light the most helpful tool on the boat. Petzl lights have countless uses aboard Ocean Watch. The non-blinding red lens is appreciated by the sleeping offwatch crew and fellow watchmates alike. Finding the last stash of cookies in the middle of the night or finding an island on the chart, no problem with a Petzl. From reading in my bunk to working on deck, the light is always with me. 15,000 miles from Seattle to the Bering Sea, through the Northwest Passage and heading to Cape Horn – our Petzl lights are constantly in use. They’ve been dropped, soaked and stepped on. Never once have they broken or failed. The battery life is amazing. This is truly a well-engineered, great piece of equipment.


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