My Tikka Plus

Hi, I have a Tikka Plus, I have used it heavily and it has held up well over all. I used it on the A.T. from May-July 2013 and origionally it was a gift from my mom around 2011 or 2010. I noticed on the trail the power of the light beam had decreased substantially over time and field use, and it began to eat batteries really quickly. Now it does not turn on at all. Not really sure what happened. Looks like a bit of corrosion in the battery holders, but nothing that was not clean able. I really like this particular head lamp due to it's green color and amount of time I have had it and who it is a gift from, so I was wondering if there is a way to get it repaired? I do not want to buy a new Tikka Plus 2 (bad color choices). I like my old Tikka Plus, and got to keep it green! So I was just wondering what yall could do for me? Other gear companies such as Cascade Designs have been able to offer help with their products that I have used to the max and past. Just seeing what I can do about my old trusty light. Chris King


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