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Beth Rodden

Beth Rodden climbing in Mill creek - Photo J.Evans

You've certainly noticed the new site, and we hope you like it, but what you might have not noticed is that now you're looking at the North American version of it. Most of the products and tech info will be the same but this will be the place to get the latest news and information about Petzl in North America.

Here's a few of the recent posts:

  • Pete Takeda, aka Big Wall Pete, compares and contrasts Hueco Tanks and Hollywood, two places where he's been spending some time these days...
  • Writer and climber Majka Burhardt shares with us her thoughts as she prepares for her big trip to Namibia to do first ascents on 1,000-foot granite faces.
  • Guide and athlete Caroline George: a photo essay (part 1 of 3) of her trip to Nepal to teach climbing basics to Sherpas at the Khumbu Climbing School.

As we get up and running, you start seeing more and more fresh content from our North American base located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. 

And coming soon:

  • More posts and stories by and about our world-class sponsored athletes
  • Athlete bios
  • Articles on events attended or supported by Petzl (gear demos, competitions, etc)
  • Access issues
  • In-depth information about Petzl products and new techniques
  • News about contests and other special offers
  • Random thoughts and musings from us here at Petzl


Don't forget that we build more than rock climbing and mountaineering gear. Be sure to check out the full line of Petzl equipment, including the Professional side of the site.

Also stay in touch with Petzl on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks and please let us know what you think!

The Petzl America Team


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