I already miss this picturesque area. Taghia (Morocco), is a terrific place. Imagine a small village of 400 inhabitants at 1900m altitude surrounded by impressive but attractive faces. Taghia is like a sacred place where respect and humility are important.

The Power Powder contest

Petit retour rapide et en images sur le Power Powder, un événement fort sympathique mixant ski et escalade.
Cela se passait chez nos cousins Italiens, à la Thuile d'Aoste sous l'impulsion d'un homme passionné, Moreno Dalle Molle.
L'idée n'est pas nouvelle en soi puisque les Arcs avaient déjà organisé le Trophée Ski Escalade à l'époque d'un certaine Isabelle Patissier.

Fat skis versus Nomics

There are quite a lot of great athletes where I live at Les Arcs - mostly skiers, snowboarders, paragliders, kayakers, and climbers of course ;)
Most of them are very aware of the luck with have to live in the mountains and be able to play in such a great and varied terrain. Hovewer, that doesn't mean that a pro freeskier will start climbing or paragliding. Our worlds are close but the doors between them aren't always open, all the time.

Spicy climbing

Every year the Petzl Roctrip takes place in stunning locations. This year it was held in Mexico with a special taste and new savor. I was lucky enough to take part in it and would not have missed it; even though, a few months ago I was not even walking.
What is there to say about this Petzl Roctrip ? It was truly amazing ! So different in so many ways from any of the other  Petzl Roctrips that we have taken part in !

Voies et parois à (re)découvrir

Voilà un certain temps que je n'avais pas écrit de news alors que je n'ai pas arrêté de grimper. Rien de mutant ni d'exceptionnel cependant, juste de belles voies en montagne, partagées avec de supers compagnons de cordée. C'est une des richesses de l'escalade : en plus du côté purement sportif qui apporte déjà son lot d'émotions, de petits doutes et de satisfactions, le côté humain les exacerbe.

Voici une petite sélection de voies à partager entre vrais amis...

Outdoor Games with the Golgoht

A few words about the amazing week we had during the Nissan Outdoor Games in Chamonix. The concept : five teams have to make a five minutes film showing five outdoor activities in five days. This year, I took part in the event with the Golgoht team, from Finland. And that was awesome !

Super Cirill - Ticino - Switzerland

Ines Papert and I have been speaking since a little while to share more climbing and adventures together. 


Version Française en-dessous

Magnesia - Greece

Version Française en-dessous

A few months ago, Stelios, a greek climber, invited me to climb in the Magnesia area in Greece. I had never heard about it, so I was instantly curious to know more about it. After seeing his photos of the area, I decided it would be worth checking out the new limestone crags.

Map of the area

La Sardegna è qui*

Version Francaise en-dessous

Having finally gained a bit more strength, I felt a sudden urge to climb on real rock faces again. So it was '' en route'' to Sardinia to discover its amazing limestone and feel what it was like to climb again after a seemingly endless interruption. Alongside me was my friend, Rahel, whose presence in this "learning to climb again" adventure was for me essential. Her  "happy go lucky attitude" carried our jolly little climbing party to many different crags, discovering only a small part of this suprising island.