Delaney Miller on Psicocomp 2014

Petzl athlete Delaney Miller, of Texas, joined the team at the beginning of 2014. Only 19 years old, she's been turning out some awesome performances lately, including a seventh-place finish in the Lead World Cup event in Imst, Austria. She finished second behind Petzl teammate Sasha DiGiulian at last year's Psicocomp and repeated the performance again this year. Following are her thoughts on this unique event. Petzl is a proud supporter of the Psicocomp Master's Series.

Jared Abrojena takes six medals at ITCC 2014 Masters' Challenge

Petzl team member Jared Abrojena had a great showing at the 2014 International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC), including a win in the head-to-head footlock and third-place overall finish. The event took place the weekend of August 2nd, in conjunction with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) tradeshow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ultrarunner Adam Campbell on being struck by lighting

Petzl team ultrarunner Adam Campbell, of Canada, recently finished third in the infamous  Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run, which plots a grueling course through Southern Colorado's San Juan mountains, gaining and losing 33,992 vertical feet in the process. Impressive as that may be, it isn’t the big story here. Most remarkable is the fact that Adam and his pacer, Aaron Heidt, were struck by lighting on Handies Peak (14,000 feet), at mile 56 of the race, and he still powered to third place in a very stacked field.

The winner of the Send Me to Petzl RocTrip photo contest

We are excited to announce the winner of the Send Me to Petzl RocTrip photo contest! Big congratulations to Chris Vultaggio, who captured this beautiful shot of Laura Sasso climbing Stolen Chimney on the Ancient Art formation in Utah's Fisher Towers. 

Alli Rainey on the value of rest for climbing training

Rest: it seems like a no-brainer. To climb your best, you should rest between efforts, get plenty of sleep, and take ample days between climbing or training sessions. Yet this simple concept proves to be a pitfall for nearly all enthusiastic climbers at some point. Not resting enough can sabotage performance, both short-term and long-term, undermine potential progress, decrease excitement for climbing, and ultimately lead to injury and burnout.

Sustainable Summits Conference 2014

Sustainable Summit Conference banner image

The Petzl Foundation is a proud supporter of Sustainable Summits: The International Mountain Conference on Environmental Practices. This "summit of land managers, climbers, planners, and scientists representing the world’s mountainous regions" is happening from July 20-24, 2014, at the American Alpine Club in Golden, Colorado. 

Big Wall Science with Majka Burhardt's Lost Mountain

In my former life I was a full-time climbing guide. That means, normally, I would know better than to introduce first-time climbers to vegetated granite slabs strewn with dirt and bush-choked chimneys. But the rules are different when you’re mission is a mash-up of scientific research, conservation action, and the establishment of the first technical climbing route up a mountain in Africa. 


What's in Emily Harrington's pack?

This is the first in our Crag Pack series, in which Petzl athletes lay out the contents of their packs and explain why they carry what they do. For this installment, Emily Harrington of Boulder, Colorado, gives us a look at the standard sport-climbing kit she schleps to places like Ceüse, France, where she recently climbed to get in shape for her big project in the Verdon Gorge called Tom et Je Ris (5.14a). (She sent on June 4, 2014—congrats, Emily!).

Are climbers or surfers cooler? Paul Robinson weighs in…

Paul Robinson joined the Petzl athlete team in 2014, bringing over 15 years of climbing experience, including ascents up V15 and 5.15. Paul's obviously a crusher on the rock, but did you know he's also into surfing? Petzl caught up with Paul and asked him a few questions about the differences and similarities between his two passions. 

10 things we learned from Sasha DiGiulian's AMA

On May 19, 2014, Petzl athlete Sasha DiGiulian did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit. She posted her introduction and redditors quickly posted questions for her—about climbing, school, fear, food, and other aspects of life. Sasha hung out online for hours, typing answers to some of the over 300 questions. Here are 10 fun things we learned about Sasha from her answers.