Petzl Roctrip: rope techniques for multi-pitch climbing

2009 Petzl Roctrip at the Natural Games in Millau, France

Lithium batteries information

Limitations on use of AA/LR6 and AAA/LR03 Lithium batteries with headlamps.

This information does not apply to the e+Lite which was designed to work with CR2032 Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are lighter and give longer burn times at low temperature than traditional Alkaline batteries.

Due to recent advances in the performance characteristics of Lithium batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can cause the lamp to overheat and possibly damage the LEDs.

Natural Games - the video

From 25th to 29th of June.2008, the Natural Games in Millau (Aveyron - France) put together the most impressive outdoor' crazy athletes ! This fusion of four universes gathered for the first time all the people of the outdoor community - climb, ride and fun...

Check out the Natural Games video [18 minutes] and witness Adam Ondra's first ascent of "Natural Games #1" (8c).