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Dynamic capacity of the equipment

This is the equipment's ability to hold and/or absorb a fall.

Example with ABSORBICA-Y MGO 150 (L70150 IM): the fall of a 140 kg user exceeds the absorption capacity of the shock absorbing lanyard.

PPE certified for fall arrest can absorb the energy of a mass of 100 kg falling 4 m, or about 3900 joules (EN 353-2).

The energy produced by a fall is directly proportional to the weight of the subject: E = mgh A 140 kg user generates 40% more energy than a 100 kg user for the same fall (5494 J vs. 3920 J). This extra energy exceeds the absorption capacity of the system, the impact force can then exceed 7 kN.

Fall arrest means to brake the moving body until it stops completely.

Braking can be rapid (sudden impact) or gradual (reduced impact).

The absorption capacity of the equipment (dynamic lanyard or shock absorber) increases the braking time to reduce the impact force. With a rigid system, the load on the system very quickly exceeds 15 kN or more, even with short falls of fall factor less than 1.

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