PETZL solutions for workers over 100 kg
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Some Petzl products show "100 kg".
Only the EN 341 (descenders), EN 12841 (rope access) and EN 813 (Sit harnesses) standards allow certification for masses over 100 kg. For all other equipment, European standards require testing with a mass of 100 kg.
The requirements of the standards only partly cover the consequences of a fall of a 100 to 140 kg user (with their equipment).

Petzl has done a series of tests for masses up to 140 kg and proposes three solutions to the forces generated on the equipment and the user.

The fall of a 140 kg mass increases the energy on the system by 40 %, compared to that of a 100 kg user. If the equipment is unable to absorb this extra energy, two solutions are possible: use equipment with higher energy absorption capacity, or change the work situation to reduce the potential fall height.

Reduce the fall height
The potential fall height can be reduced by using a shorter lanyard.

Increase the absorption capacity of the system
Use equipment capable of absorbing 40 % more energy.

SOLUTION 3 : Change nothing
The absorption capacity of the system is sufficient.

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