PETZL solutions for workers over 100 kg
100 to 120 kg
120 to 140 kg
Identify all the components of your rope access and/or fall arrest system (harnesses, ropes, rope clamps, connectors, anchors, etc.).
Check "Petzl solutions for workers over 100 kg" to make sure that each component is authorized for use according to your weight.

WARNING, if any one element of your system does not comply with "Petzl solutions for workers over 100 kg", that system is not authorized by Petzl for a user weighing over 100 kg with his equipment.
Follow the Instructions for Use for all of your equipment.



The official Petzl certificate allows workers weighing 100-140 kg to justify the use of their equipment in accordance with the European directive on PPE against falls from height.
Download the certificate.

Field checklist:

The checklist allows rapid identification of all your system's components.
Download the field checklist.


There is a training program to investigate the theory and practice of "solutions for workers over 100 kg."
Contact your Petzl distributor for more information.