Solutions for workers weighing over 100 kg
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• What problems are associated with the rescue of 140 kg workers?

Depending on the condition of the patient, two types of evacuation are possible:

- Unaccompanied patient evacuation: No concern about loads over 140 kg, since the patient is "alone" on his rope.

- Patient evacuation when accompanied by a rescuer: The weight of the rescuer is added to that of the patient on a single system: 100 + 140 kg = 240 kg, a considerable load which requires an appropriate rescue strategy.

Rescue strategies involving lowering of a patient and rescuer (250 kg maximum) on the same rope:

- Lowering from an anchored I'D, controlled by other members of the rescue team: This is a situation shown in the I'D Instructions For Use and acceptable up to 250 kg in the exceptional situation of rescue.

Follow the recommendations in the Instructions For Use: no shock-loading allowed. One person manipulates the device and a second person holds the rope, make a munter hitch on the braking carabiner, use a rope of 10.5 mm or greater diameter, always use a separate safety line for the patient and rescuer.

Notes: This strategy requires a team effort, which is not always possible to quickly accomplish. Only the I'D allows this type of descent (150 kg maximum for the RIG). On the rescue rope, an ASAP can suffice for the patient and the rescuer: 250 kg maximum, with an ABSORBICA L57 energy absorber required.

- Accompanied descent with an I'D on the harness:

This descent technique is limited to a load of 200 kg by the Instructions For Use for the I'D and the RIG.

Petzl did a series of tests to validate the possibility of an accompanied descent at 250 kg: the results will be published soon.

Pending a possible change of the maximum allowable load in accompanied descent, workers over 100 kg and their team leaders must anticipate possible rescue strategies to avoid having to do an accompanied descent:

- Having a sufficient number of team members present to do a rapid operation from the anchor.
- Keep workers over 100 kg on a rope equipped with a pre-installed rescue system, favoring a rapid rescue without accompaniment.
- Any other appropriate arrangement.


Note: If two 140 kg workers are in an accompanied descent situation, their combined weight is 280 kg. Petzl has not covered this extreme case: the solutions presented are not valid beyond 250 kg.

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