Hardest redpoints

Gabriele Moroni sends Coup de Bambou - 9a - just after the Petzl RocTrip !

Gabriele Moroni our italian team athlete, has finally redpointed the route named "Coup de Bambou" (9a), one of the hardest picthes in the Great Arch! Here are some words from his personnal blog :

F.A de La taupe boxeuse 8c+

Hier, après de nombreux essais à tomber dans la première partie d'un
projet appelé "la taupe boxeuse" à St Ange (au dessus de Grenoble), je
clippais enfin la chaîne.

Cette voie cotée 8c+ et équipée par Quentin Chastagnier, se décompose en 3 parties: Une première partie très bloc avec des mouvements explosifs sur prises plates, puis une bonne résistance sur petites prises et décontractions foireuses et enfin une dernière section bloc avec des mouvements aléatoires.

VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip Messico 2010

Mai prima d'ora il Petzl RocTrip si è integrato così profondamente con la cultura locale. Gli ingredienti sono stati: passione, divertimento ed esperienze da condividere. Il Petzl RocTrip Messico 2010 ha radunato scalatori da ogni parte del mondo a El Chonta e Las Peñas de Jilotepec, passando per le piramidi Azteche di Teotihuacán.

new movie: Bestcoast Riot -climbing on the bestcoast with Dani Andrada & Said Belhaj

Here it is finally, filmed during 10 days last summer on the west coast of Sweden. A movie by Jesper Östlund & Martin Arvidson


A film of a long route.

Alistair Lee, one of the best film makers, comes up good again. 

Camera men maybe good guys, but the bosses at the TV companies are not! you cannot trust them! This year I was lined up for 8 weeks of work with the BBC for a big project. It was ‘guaranteed’ and I was told to drop all other work, but of course, at the last moment it all fell through leaving me skint, but at least with plenty of time to climb!


First ascent Ganesh 8b+ in badami

Voici la photo de la bête, ca envoi du gros non????? une bien belle première !!

Photo gallery of Siurana

In late October, most of the Petzl team gathered in Siurana (Spain) for
a week of exchange and climbing. The opportunity to mix together rock
climbers, alpine climbers, trail runners and adventure racers.

DVD King of Da Caillasse II

Pour ce deuxième opus, le Team Les Collets ont décidé de rester dans la même
logique: filmer une succession de séquences d'escalade
(un peu à la manière des Dosages), avec comme ambition de donner la priorité à l'escalade, l'image, l'esthétisme... et bien sûr, aux grimpeurs!

Progression - A new film by BigUPproductions

Behind every breakthrough in the progression of climbing, there's a true story of doubt and determination, perseverance in the face of failure.

From boulders, to big walls, to competition podiums, the climbers at
the top of the game share a commitment to do whatever it takes to
achieve their vision. Featuring Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Daniel
Woods, Adam Ondra, Kevin Jorgeson, Patxi Usobiaga, Johanna Ernst, Alex
Honnold, Paul Robinson, Matt Segal, and more, in a film by Josh Lowell,
Cooper Roberts, and Brett Lowell.


Reel Rock Tour trailer

Check out the recently launched REEL ROCK Film Tour Trailer.
Featuring Sender Films' new series for Nat Geo Adventure Channel, First Ascent.
And Big UP's newest release, PROGRESSION.