Big Wall

Video - Spedizione Holtanna, big wall e base jump in Antartide

Novembre 2009, nel cuore dell'Antartide, ai piedi del massiccio dell'Holtanna (Terra della Regina Maud), quattro avventurieri e professionisti della montagna realizzano il primo salto base-jump del continente, una prima mondiale. In occasione dell'uscita del filmato di 15 minuti, Sam Beaugey racconta questa spedizione eccezionale.
Il gruppo era composto da:

In Search Of Adventure

Traditional climbing is where my roots lie but sport is an easy tick, fitting in easily around work and kids and a desire to perform rather than be scared. As the grades go up the amount of gear goes down making hard routes that can be onsighted hard to find. But I still needed the adventure, it feeling more distant with every soggy summer that passes. Pabay has been on the list for a while, "hard pumpy climbing with excellent gear on amazing rock" was the word.

VIDEO a climbing journey in Namibia

photo G RogelWriter, climber and guide Majka Burhardt has a penchant for combining adventure climbing and travel to exotic destinations. She does this with a heart-felt emphasis on gaining an greater understanding of the places she visits and the people inhabiting them.

Progression - A new film by BigUPproductions

Behind every breakthrough in the progression of climbing, there's a true story of doubt and determination, perseverance in the face of failure.

From boulders, to big walls, to competition podiums, the climbers at
the top of the game share a commitment to do whatever it takes to
achieve their vision. Featuring Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Daniel
Woods, Adam Ondra, Kevin Jorgeson, Patxi Usobiaga, Johanna Ernst, Alex
Honnold, Paul Robinson, Matt Segal, and more, in a film by Josh Lowell,
Cooper Roberts, and Brett Lowell.


Tough Enough - scalata estrema in Madagascar

Tough Enough, tradotto significa "Sufficientemente  Difficile"...
Tough Enough è il nome di una grande via estrema lunga 400 metri nel cuore della valle di Tsaranoro in Madagascar.
Nel giugno 2008 Arnaud Petit, Stéphanie Bodet, Sylvain Millet et Laurent Triay partono con un solo obiettivo nella testa: liberare le 10 lunghezze di ottavo grado di questa  bigwall africana.

Des Red Rocks au Big Stone

Difficile de résister à l’appel des grands murs du Yosemite et de ses voies mythiques dont les noms résonnent dans nos têtes…
Afin de se mettre dans le bain en douceur et de ne pas brutaliser un genou quasi tout neuf, nous avons choisi, dans un premier temps, de faire des voies « à la journée », avec des sacs d’un poids, disons, « raisonnable ».