Petzl America was very excited to participate in the fifth annual PARC Pallet Grand Prix human-powered go cart race, in Layton, Utah on August 23, 2013. 

Pushing the Petzl "Captain Climber" car across the finish line for a victory in the early heats. Photo: ©J.Roth / Petzl
Pushing the Petzl "Captain Climber" car across the finish line for a victory in the early heats. Photo: ©J.Roth / Petzl

PARC, the Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center in Clearfield, Utah, trains and employs close to 500 individuals with disabilities to do everything from recycling products to packaging kits for various customers. PARC is a certified NISH organization (National Institute for the Severely Handicapped) and has been an important provider of Petzl professional products to the US Government for over three years now. 

PARC was recently awarded a large government contract to package and supply the US Army with the Army Mountaineering Kit, which includes $1.5 million of Petzl products, including the ASCENSION, ATTACHE, MINI, OWALL, SNOWALKER, SUMTEC and REVERSO 4.

Every year, as a way of celebrating the hard work of their employees, PARC puts on a go-cart racing competition, with vehicles made out of wooden shipping pallets. Friends and family of employees and the various clients, like Petzl, who work with PARC come together and make custom carts. A PARC employee sits behind the wheel of each cart, while a pair of volunteers push.


This year's Grand Prix theme was "The hero within," so Petzl built a cart called "Captain Climber,” made up of a pallet, spare wood, two PIXA headlamps up to light the way, two NOMIC ice axes for handles, and some rope. Lauri, from PARC, was the driver, while James Good, from Petzl America After Sales Service, and Nate Williams, from the Professional Division, pushed. 

"Captain Climber" came in third place overall, which was a great showing considering it was Petzl’s first year participating in the event. 

"It's pretty hard to sit in an office all day and then go out and do a bunch of 125-foot sprints pushing a cart!" Explained Williams. "That's why we're already training for next year…"  

The day was a great success and everyone present was treated to exciting races and fantastic community support .