2008: Millau, France

« Boffi for ever »

The massive possibilities of the Boffi Cliff

This time, the Petzl RocTrip is one of the events at the Natural Games, which bring together many outdoor disciplines (freestyle kayaking, paragliding, downhill mountain biking and dirt jumping). This would be the last edition at the Boffi site, where new ultimate routes, as exciting as in previous years, were set up for the occasion. The women are particularly spoiled with a route on a huge arête, "Tête de Gondole" 8c, which would go down in style to Martina Cufar, Daila Ojeda and Florence Pinet. The men's route resists the onslaught with its sketchy throw at the top until the guest of honor, Adam Ondra, shows up. He gets the redpoint on his second try! The Natural Games concept allows athletes from different disciplines to meet and share their practices, but also gives the opportunity to some versatile athletes to participate in several challenges, like Daniel Dulac, who also takes part in some kayaking competitions.




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