at the TAB finals rockin' with Lafouche in l'Argentierre la Bessée

I'm finally back in my old elements! And some new one's aswell. The trip to France included 2 great gigs at the TAB festival ( with Lafouche and the country and western group the Norberg Family. I then headed for Ceuse where restdays were reare. I've climbed for 3 weeks with 3 restdays and they involved music, flying and skydiving. Maybe you rest physically but the skydive took my breath away...

the great walls of Ceuse that we also took a closer look at from a plane. Thank's Steve!

back climbing those good old juggy 7c's

taking a look at Ceuse from yet another angle!

Back (again!) in Sweden and Gothenburg everything went back to normal. Climbing the good old routes+some new ones, some great gig's and bolting some future classics. I hope to repport about this new amazing place next time!

back in Gotheburg at the great balkan club at "Storan".

back in Stockholm at the Vox Pacis festival ( at Sofiakyrkan with parts of my band TREQ-gnawa feat. the mythical singer from Senegal -Mamadou Séné.

playing the dosso n'goni (hunters harp) with my good old band dating 12 years back -Giddabush with Said Bijaouane as a guest.