Petzl, founder of the RocTrip, and the FFCAM (French Alpine Club), historical partner of the event, along with the Causses-Cévennes section of the club as well as Couleur Caillou (FFME), are proud to announce a new edition of this friendly and participative climbing get-together. More than 500 climbers are expected migrate to the Les Causses limestone plateaus of this exceptional and singular region.
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Back to our roots

RocTrip dans les Gorges du Tarn - 2013

The first editions took place in 2002, 2004, 2006, and then in 2008 and 2009. RocTrip 2013 follows in this long line of successful events.
Since 2002, the goal has been to bring together the climbing community in a natural environment, and to organize a gathering centered around rock climbing’s core values: generosity, freedom, sharing, commitment, and respect. The site, the atmosphere, and the friendly spirit that drive each RocTrip all add to the making of a successful event. Routes of all levels have been established to allow climbers, from beginners to experts, to climb together and to share the same passion.


Gorges du Tarn, Cirque des Baumes

Without a doubt, RocTrip events over the years have contributed to the area’s reputation around the world as a great place to climb. The number of foreign climbers traveling to the area has significantly increased; their visits last from 7 to 14 days on average. The Gorges are vast and include several climbing areas: Gorges du Tarn, La Jonte, and La Dourbie (Boffi, Cantobre).
The Gorges du Tarn is a canyon carved out by the Tarn River, which flows between the Causse Méjean and Causse de Sauveterre limestone plateaus. Cirque de Baumes’ amazingly sculpted dolomitic limestone makes for spectacularly shaped rock and offers a wide variety of climbing in an exceptionally beautiful setting. Route development started in the 1980s, and today the area counts more than 700 climbs.

RocTrip Gorges du TarnRocTrip Gorges du Tarn


For the last three years variety of entities have been working together for the benefit of Cirque des Baumes and the surrounding area, including local stakeholders (city, national, tourism, guides, etc.), property owners, land management and environmental protection agencies (Cévennes National Park, LPO, SIVOM, Grand Site, and the French Alpine Club at a national (FFCAM) and local level (CAF Causses & Cévennes).
The French Alpine Club has been working hard to encourage local development and for climbers to explore the area by ensuring both safety and respect for the environment.

For this RocTrip, quickdraws have been pre-placed on more than thirty climbs so that everyone will have the opportunity to push their limits and find a project that suits them. Professional rock climbers will spend a good portion of their time sharing their extensive experience with the next generation. Several extremely hard routes will provide for a great show!

Team Petzl

As with every RocTrip, Team Petzl (France and International) will be on site to share in this incredible rock climbing experience with all of the climbers attending the event! Nina Caprez, Florence Pinet, Loic Gaidioz, Pierre Labbre, Olivier Fourbet, Tony Lamiche, Bastien Gerland, Julia Chanourdie, Hugo Meignan, Thomas Meignan, Elie Meignan, Naïlé Meignan, Diego Ghesquiers, Auriane Favrin, Marion Poitevin, Christophe Bichet, Philippe Ribière, Daniel Du Lac, Chris Sharma, Daila Ojeda, Dani Andrada, Gérome Pouvreau, Enzo Oddo, Dave Graham, Mike Fuselier, Mélissa Le Névé, Klemen Becan, Phil Bence, Mayan Gobath Smith.

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Event schedule: 3 days, 100% climbing

The event village (reception, partners, lodging, campground, meals, and entertainment) will be located in Saint Rome de Dolan, a small town typical of the area.

RocTrip Groges du Tarn - 2013



 Friday, June 21

  • Welcome climbers who arrive in the evening.


Saturday, June 22

  • In the morning, welcome climbers.
  • 12.00-20.00: climb in Cirque des Baumes.
  • Dinner and evening film showing in Saint Rome de Dolan.


Sunday, June 23

  • After breakfast, a coffee-debate organized by Coordination Montagne and the Petzl Foundation regarding the issue of bolts and respect for the environment.
  • Brunch in Saint Rome de Dolan.
  • 12.00-20.00: climb in Cirque des Baumes
  • Dinner and then DJ in Saint Rome de Dolan.


Monday, June 24

  • Early morning, head to Cirque des Baumes.
  • Lunch buffet on site and a full afternoon of climbing.

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