Re : shunt as a rope grab when building mech. adv. sys.

Hello Brent, The Petzl SHUNT is a rope grab, and can be effectively used when building hauling systems. In fact the possibility to release whilst there is some load on the SHUNT may be an advantage. The SHUNT is an item of PPE - and as such it's SWL is automatically considered to be 'one person'. Throughout Europe this is currently accepted to be 100kg. MBS is not such an issue here. If the SHUNT is fixed against an obstruction then we may be able to determine a maximum strength. For example, the attachment eye has an MBS of 20kN, as shown in the technical notice, yet it would be difficult to apply a load to the eye without the SHUNT moving on the rope. Much more relevant for our uses is that the SHUNT will slip if overloaded - as may be the case in a hauling system. This could serve to protect both the anchors and the load. The beginning of slippage will vary depending on rope type, condition and diameter. With used 10.5 to 11mm low stretch rope we could expect slippage between 2.5 to 3kN. With other ropes between 8 and 11mm, the slippage could be between 1 and 8kN. Items of PPE are not lifting equipment, so take care not to attempt to apply the same requirements. It may be that following your risk analysis, specific lifting equipment may be available and considered to be more appropriate than an assembly of items of PPE such as ropes, pulleys, ascenders and descenders. Thanks for your question, Best regards


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