All backup devices are a compromise

The shunt may have some limitations, as all current backup devices do. Petzl have now invested in a new device, the ASAP, and from a safety and sales point of view will want users to buy the ASAP. However the ASAP is also flawed, and unsuitable for many work situations. These flaws are well documented. If Petzl wish to continue manufacturing and selling the shunt, then they should list any cautions they have and trust their potential customers to make a choice about which device, Petzl or otherwise, they would like to use. If they no longer have confidence in the shunt then they should cease production and issue a recall notice. Their current position will appear to most customers as a Microsoft style "forced upgrade" to a significantly more expensive product. If a well designed and 100 percent reliable backup device was available on the market, most companies and operatives would switch to it without any of these strongarm tactics.


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