Still the best

I am also an IRATA Level 3 Trainer and i have been following this whole saga slowly unfolding for years now. Sure the shunt has its shortfalls but Petzl have always said that it requires correct and sufficient training. The Shunt is extremely reliable, takes all the abuse from an industrial environment but as long as the operative is fully trained in ALL its bad points it is still the most gentle device on the ropes and i have witnessed two people fall 3 metres onto a shunt which saved them and proved to me how good it is. Recently while working in the Danish sector one of my technicians (Dan Junge Shønemann) lost the towing string and attached a small tie wrap (5mm wide+/-) in its place. I made fun of it but later tried it for myself. It works!! It must be a small one and i would play about with the length (probably around 4cm long) but it is very hard to hold on to i.e. slips out very easily and is durable and neat! Brilliant. In conclusion - i have used the shunt since 1988 but what is worrying me is the trend to 'engineer' out idiots with more idiot proof devices rather than have highly trained technicians that have a better aptitude and technical ability in the system.


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