Richiamo per sostituzione standard del GRIGRI 2



Riguarda i codici D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B, le cui prime 5 cifre del numero di serie sono comprese tra 10326 e 11136.

GRIGRI 2, il nuovo assicuratore con sistema frenante assistito

Alla base di qualsiasi realizzazione, c'è sempre un grande assicuratore.
Il GRIGRI 2 aiuta l'assicuratore ad accompagnare la progressione dello scalatore.

Adieu, Guy

We just learned yesterday that Guy Lacelle was killed in an avalanche during the Bozeman Ice Festival.  This tragic news strikes at the heart of the Petzl family, adding to a overwhelmingly sad 2009. Guy has long been a close friend to all of us at Petzl, both in North America and Europe.

Video del Grimpday 2009

Grimpday 2009: soccorritori che non hanno paura di niente


Only 8c+ but still the big one

Hubble was first climbed by Ben Moon at the cliff of Raventor in the Peak. The world’s first F8c+, one small set of moves for man, but one giant leap for mankind. The route is pure power, it’s a boulder problem. It would be a font 8B boulder problem if it had a flat grassy landing. Seven hand moves, nine if you’re short.

Lithium batteries information

Limitations on use of AA/LR6 and AAA/LR03 Lithium batteries with headlamps.

This information does not apply to the e+Lite which was designed to work with CR2032 Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are lighter and give longer burn times at low temperature than traditional Alkaline batteries.

Due to recent advances in the performance characteristics of Lithium batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can cause the lamp to overheat and possibly damage the LEDs.

Zillertal RocTrip

The Zillertal Roctrip movie [26mn].

Team Petzl took RocTrip to the granite wonderland of Zillertal, Austria the summer of 2008. The international star power was unrivaled, with the best climbers from Spain, USA, Sweden, France, Great-Britain, the Netherlands and Iran all throwing themselves at the boulders and cliffs of this magical valley. Featuring: Dani Andrada, Lynn Hill, Lisa Rands, Dave Graham, Steve McClure, Marcus Bock, Jorg Verhoeven, Gérôme Pouvreau, Said Belhaj, Chris Sharma and many others...

Navalameca 70's - the movie

When 15 climbers meet a strange guru from nowhere, nobody knows what will happen...  

videoBouldering Video - Navalameca 70's

The movie of the event, which took place in Spain (Navalosa), with all the Petzl team...

MYO headlamps and AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries

lampes MYODue to advances in the performance characteristics of AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can in certain cases of intensive use, cause quality and safety problems with MYO-series headlamps. When the headlamp is used with AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries, if a short-circuit appears in the cable connecting the battery case to the lamp, the cable can spark, melt, or catch fire. This poses a burn hazard to the user.

10 Mila - the movie

The 10 Mila is the most popular Nordic orienteering race. It takes place in Sweden and draws 8,000 racers. The twist: the competition takes place at night...