Discover the Young Explorers Program latest expedition in New Zealand and the videos of their missions.

  • Departure on Mike Horn's sail boat PANGAEA:



  • The first mission for the young explorers was to replace the existing steal stoat traps with new stainless steel models.  Then furthermore to replace the bait which is in the form of chicken eggs.  The old steel traps had to be removed from the island and taken to the Department of Conservation Lodge situated in Preservation Inlet.



  • The second mission was to observe Bottlenose dolphins in the Dusky and Doubtful Sounds under the leadership of Dave Rundgren alias Dolphin Dave, the dolphin specialist from the University of Otago.  He has personally done research on these dolphins for four years.  He did a presentation on the Bottlenose dolphins and informed the YEP’s how to observe the dolphins in order to collect sufficient data.



  • The third mission was to do water and salinity measurements with the tools we have on board the vessel.  The YEP’s had been instructed how to go about doing these measurements through the presentation done by Professor Roswitha Stolz form the University of Munich during the selection camp in Switzerland.  The focus of these measurements was the area in Milford Sound very close to the Hydro Electric plant where fresh water that has been circulated through plant runs into the sound.  The YEP’s had to collect the data and this will now be supplied to the University of Otago’s Marine Biology Faculty.


  • The fourth mission was the discovery of Fiordland National Park’s fauna and flora.  The YEP’s hiked the Dusky trail which is a four day hike from Dusky to Doubtful sound in the Fiordland rainforest, a total distance of 48km.  They carried their own supplies and camped overnight in huts.  This trail is known as the most difficult hiking trail in New Zealand and also the most beautiful.  The trail was successfully completed in 4 days.


  • Young Explorers Expedition: the out takes...
    Even with Mike Horn, you'd better watch your steps!



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