Last week, I went with the french team to Cuenca (Spain), for a training course.

The goal of this training course was to try hard routes on sight. We had bad luck, because it rained 4 days in the week, so we climbed under the rain, in the wind and the cold... It was really sticky.

On this crag, there are a lot of two-finger pockets, finger locks and monos. It's a limestone with a lot of texture and sharp holds.

This trip was really interesting because the conditions were good to try hard routes on sight. During the week, I did on sight:

  • "Chuli cocinero" 8a+
  • "Public enemy" 8a+/b
  • "Goliath" 8a+
  • "El sabor de la caca" 8b+

I flashed "Nikita" - 8b, and on first try "Taladrina" - 8b+.

A few pictures:

Fabien Comia in "Suma Zero" 8c

The same try for Thomas Ballet

Crazy swing for Gab Josseron in "Nuria" 8c