I am right now in Slovenia, in Kamnik. It is midnight, in the room, my favorite song from Lhasa who sing a song called 
"My Name".I am here now during 3 months and I am a bit high. In fact, I am quiet satisfy to be here for many reasons, I feel like in the laboratory where I found solutions who help me to grew up. I am like a ghost who is here like a spectator of his life. I walk step by step that i could call : Evolution/Revolution.
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Rappel pour échange standard du GRIGRI 2

Rappel pour échange standard du GRIGRI 2

Concerne les références D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B, dont les 5 premiers chiffres du numéro de série sont compris entre le 10326 et le 11136.
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