re: think

in need of a so called vacation

marathon times

with Dani and Andrea enjoying some real Gothenburgish food at my place in Gothenburg.

Oh boy -it's been some hectic times lately: just too much of everything. I'm now in Finland on somekind of vacation at my grandparents, trying to recover from all the rush in the past. But all the crazy rush has also been crazy fun!

the right time

bouldering at Vetteberget, Fjällbacka with a sauna near the ocean and a BBQ waiting

the final

It was time: after about 3,5 months on the road the time was right to start driving north, back to Sweden. The heat was rising -a good sign it was time to start looking for cooler temps somewhere else! Also, you never get that real rest on the road, I was missing my own bed! After around 100 routes of 8a-8c+ done on the trip it was time to change the rythm. I want to do some traing to gain some more power and I want to do (or at least try) all the routes I bolted last year.

5th and maybe the last..?

how to go to Mallorca for 2 weeks and avoid psicobloc...

yet another newly developed crag on the island, somewhere between Pertxas and Lluc.

to hit the wall and move on...

the road to Rodellar -the scenery makes you realize youre on the right way!

history repeats itself -the festival era

movie from Joshua Tree -Peak Performance 2010