Sasha DiGiulian - photo: © Justin Roth


Photo portrait: 
Sasha DiGiulian - photo: © Justin Roth
Date de naissance: 
23 octobre 1992
Lieu de résidence: 
New York City
Student, Columbia University
Statut actuel: 
Professional Rock Climber
Date d'entrée dans le Team Petzl: 


I started climbing in 1999, after being introduced to the sport at a birthday party at a local climbing gym. With climbing, I love how you are in complete control of your own progression. I have a love-hate relationship with projecting a route. This projecting realm is also what I find unique and mentally challenging about the sport.

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Acts of Freedom

Running, like climbing a long route, involves the same mindset of solitude in movement and mental freedom. I like this singleness, but I also love being social with friends and having a good time with others.


Special Places

I love Spain, to both visit and to climb, and New York City to live! The Spanish culture is so amazing to me – I love the enthusiasm for climbing and the tranquil lifestyle. Some of the best sport climbs in the world reside in Spain and I enjoy trying to speak the language. The landscape is vast and beautiful. I love NYC because the energy in the air is palpable and there is constantly something happening. The city is full of life.


Sources of Inspiration

Every one of my friends has a certain quality that is unique and inspiring.


My Favorite Book

The Great Gatsby, for its rich depth of word choice and encouragement of dreams.


My Motto

Smile and treat others the way you like to be treated. Appreciate others' values but hold true to your own morals.

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