News from Himalaya

"The YEP's and I have parted company now. After doing the summit 'Pangaea Peak', they joined myself and Köbi to the base camp of Broad Peak where they were able to see the K2 Memorial - a touching memorial for all those alpinists who had lost their lives to the mountain. Our last night together with the Young Explorer's was spent in a large dome tent where we chatted about our adventure and shared our emotions and impressions of the last two weeks we had spent together.

Now it is just myself and Köbi who are left here in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

YEP selected for India

After 10 days of varied activities in the picturesque valley of the Pay d'Enhaut in Switzerland, 16 Young Explorers pack their bags and return to their respective countries around the world. Eight of them have been chosen to attend the Pangaea Expedition in January 2010 as Mike Horn and the exploration sailboat Pangaea sail into Indian territories to explore the biodiversity and the effects on humanity on the Ganges River.

Indonesian YEP selected !

The selection camp for the Indonesian expedition is finished. Here are the Young Explorers selected:

Garrett Celestin 15 years, USA / Daniel Kotze 20 years, South Africa / Michelle Nay 18 years, Switzerland / Kerstin Dorner 18 years, GERMANY / Eugenie Guillaume 18 years, France / Simon / Havas 15 years, CZECH / Rodrigo Neves Steinman 16 years, BRAZIL / Dongkyun Seo 20 years, South Korea

Mike Horn - the latest YEP expedition videos in New Zealand

Discover the Young Explorers Program latest expedition in New Zealand and the videos of their missions.

Mike Horn arrives at the South Pole after 47 days on ski !!

Mike Horn, Borge Ousland, Clémence Cadario and Nicolas Valdivieso arrive on ski, to the South Pole after several days of pushing their physical and mental limits. The team are thrilled to have achieved their goal and to be able to share in this victorious moment together.

Alexis : the island

Alexis - 22nd of October

Yesterday, on the 21st, we arrived in the morning to Trinity Island. We discovered a beautiful landscape. Lots of ice on the Island, glacier running down into the water, dream scenery.

Carlien: snowman and icebergs

Carlien - 22 October 2008
After what seemed like ages, the two weeks after the training camp was finally over !  I couldn't  wait to get to Ushuaia, see everybody again and most importantly - set sail for Antarctica!

Nora : "Il neige"

Nora - Lundi 20 octobre

Il neige… On sent la glace se rapprocher dangereusement ! Il fait de plus en plus froid… Il paraît qu'on arrive en Antarctique dans 7h de temps ! Whoua … Je ne réalise pas que dans peu de temps, je vais apercevoir ce continent qui m'est si étrange et mystérieux.

J'appréhendais le périple en bateau… mais bonne nouvelle, je n’ai pas le mal de mer, ouf, au contraire j'ai souvent faim et Céleste est la meilleure des cuisinières que je connaisse. Today : hamburgers party ! On est gâté.

YEP in New Zealand

The application window is now opened for the Ice Cut Fjord Expedition

After the current expedition in Antartca, New Zealand will be the next destination for Mike Horn Pangaea project. Application can be done on Mike Horn Community website.

I recommend that everyone take this once-in-a-life-time chance to join Mike Horn in his adventure in new Zealand !

Good luck.

Pangaea Young Explorers program: first training camp

Here is the feedback from the first Young Explorers who attended Mike Horn's Pangaea training camp. Salty... :-)

Henry Stanislaw, USA

Age: 19