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Petzl RopeTrip 2014 : Uppsala, Sweden


A resoundingly successful 2014 edition!

The second edition of the Petzl RopeTrip took place from May 29-31, 2014, in Uppsala, Sweden. The event brought together more than one hundred rope access specialists from around the world to discuss their profession and to share their broad range of experience. The rope access competition was the focal point of the gathering, allowing each team of rope access specialists to demonstrate their technical skills and ability to work well together. Following a strong performance in all disciplines, the Russian team ALPEX took first place the competition.

A quick report on this fantastic adventure…

An appealing international event

The 30 rope access teams traveled from 17 different countries to participate in the second Petzl RopeTrip. Their motivation? A bit of everything: participate in a friendly gathering with the "rope access family", learn or perfect technique, and for the most inspired, win the competition! This winning blend made the 2014 edition a resounding success.

Petzl Rope Trip 2014

A wide variety of events

The qualifying rounds took place in the training center at C2 Safety, Petzl's distributor in Sweden. Individually or as a team, the events were varied and sought to represent the daily challenges of rope access work as close as possible:
  • Placing a GSM antenna onto a network tower
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting lighting systems
  • Raising, moving, and lowering a mass onto a target
  • Complete a circuit as carefully as possible so as not to spill the 10 liters of water in a bucket hanging from one's harness
  • Etc.
The "Climb Up Race" took place at the same time. This speed specific "contest" consisted of ascending and then descending a 12-meter-high rope as fast as possible.

Safety first

Do not confuse speed and being in a rush. For every event the stopwatch was not the only criteria taken into consideration: the judges ensured that everyone followed safety protocol to the letter (connection at all times to a fall arrest device, ensuring all locking carabiners and descenders are properly screwed shut, maneuvers when passing an intermediate anchor, etc.). Even the slightest inattention meant either a penalty or disqualification, as was the case for a team in the semi-finals.

Sharing different techniques

Since participants were free to use their preferred techniques, they had the opportunity to observe and compare the various methods for handling a given situation, such as moving along a rope or performing complex rope techniques. Being well organized from the start as well as smooth coordination between team members were also important factors in staying quick and efficient throughout each event.

Petzl RopeTrip 2014

A spectacular competition

For the 2014 edition, the finals took place outside, on one of Uppsala Castle's towers, overlooking the city. The general public enjoyed watching the finals.

To determine the winner, two Russian teams had to solve a complex problem consisting of quickly rescuing a team of 3 window washers working on a rope and stuck in mid air. In the end, team ALPEX took the prize to enthusiastic applause from the spectators. Team EVPATOR 1 finished second. Congratulations to both!

Petzl RopeTrip 2014

Fun activities

All participants were able to take advantage of and enjoy a whole host of activities as well as the wonderful local atmosphere, in spite of the short Swedish nights:
  • film night,
  • the night that started in an Uppsala bar and finished after hours at C2 Safety,
  • The barbecue by Buff, an event partner,
  • The seminar by Vibram, also an event partner,
  • The conference by ECRA, the European Committee for Rope Access, which represents more than 12,000 rope access workers worldwide…

Petzl RopeTrip 2014

Overall results

Petzl RopeTrip 20141 - Alpex (Russia)
2 - Evpator - Moscow 1 (Russia)
3 - Verevkin Spb Team (Russia)
4 - Evpator - Moscow 2 (Russia)
5 - Formation Travaux en Hauteur (France)
6 - RATBOC (Poland)
7 - Dzerjinec (Russia)
8 - Altuver-Sector Vertical (Spain)
9 - WYSOKOSCIÓWKA.org (Poland)
10 - Klätterservice AB (Sweden)
11 - The Arborist (Switzerland)
12 - Beerenberg (Norway)
13 - E.T.H (France)
14 - Aplomb bâtiment (France)
15 - VentoBel (Belarus)
16 - Vertical Rescue College (Germany)
17 - Altimum (Switzerland)
18 - Aplomb Evènement (France)
19 - SKYFOX (Latvia)
20 - Professional (Russia)
21 - Karhu (Finland)
22 - AiRAS (Taiwan)
23 - SG-01 (Singapore)
24 - Equipment Belarus (Belarus)
25 - ALTI-DELTA (Algeria)
26 - SG-02 (Singapore)
27 - Vandernet (Finland)
28 - CroEsBra (Croatia-Brazil-Spain)
29 - PROACCESS (Sweden)
30 - AlpAccess (Romania)

En route to the third edition of the Petzl RopeTrip!

What's next? The third edition of the Petzl RopeTrip, of course! The location and date are to be determined since the goal is for the event to travel around the world, bringing together the rope access community. The same formula will be applied: a friendly atmosphere, meeting others, a good time… and a healthy dose of competition so that the contest creates a little rivalry between the participating teams!